Multi pitch course

Multi pitch course


We also do this kind of climbing. This course is prepared for experienced climbers. We will learn you what to do in big walls, how to make a belay station and all important climbing technics. We have a long experience with this kind of climbing. We did many routes in all world and we did many new first ascents around the world. 






What you will lern?:

  • Half day climbing in the sports areas. We want to see how you climbing.

  • Practice on the groud, where we will show you all important technics.

  • Rope technics in big wall.

  • Protection in big wall.

  • How to make belay station.

  • First Aid

  • Plannig, taktics..

  • Jumaring

Length of the course: 2-4 days

Locality: Italy – Arco, Austria- Hollental, Slovenia - Paklenica

Maximum number of persons (for one istructor): 2

Price include: climbing equipments, instructors

Price not include: insurance, transport

For actual price contact us.

Book at least 3 weeks before the course.

If you are interest of this course contact us by email, or phone. Contact here.

  • how to belay station
    how to belay station
  • multi pitch climbing
    multi pitch climbing
  • climbing in Arco - Italy
    climbing in Arco - Italy
  • belay station
    belay station
  • we teach you how to lead
    we teach you how to lead
  • fun on belay station
    fun on belay station
  • top af the wall, Arco
    top af the wall, Arco